Chemicals for better results

We have experience in developing solutions for various needs.

Our experience lies especially with Poly Urethane Products which suit various demands in high Performance areas such as the Automotive Industry or Electronics Manufacturing.

We work with several partners and thus ensure that the solution we provide to you is the best of breed the market has to offer.

We believe in high quality products with a high usable lifespan which will deliver you high performance and ensure excelent results in an constant output of desired parameters.

All you have to do is provide us with the parameters you require. We will take care of the rest !

Casting CPU

Polyurethane which can be used for different casting procedures. We offer a various range of high quality raw materials for casting purposes.

PU Adhesives & Hot Melt

Various adhesives and hot melt Products which can be used for any type of industrial bondage requirements. Be sure that using our products your projects will “stick” to each other like never before.

PU Beltings

We can deliver any type of belts required for todays moving components in various sizes and shapes. Round, square, pentagon belts are no problem. Normal or Sure Grip, anything you require in order to get things spinning.

PU Moulded products

Need a specific size, shape or requirement ? We can deliver finished moulded products of various types. Just provide us with a sample. We will design the mould, execute the casting and deliver to you the desired finished product.

TPU Granules

TPU Granules which can be used for any need. From injection type products to extrusion raw materials, we can deliver it.

Tube & Hose

Tubes from various types of liquids and materials and hoses for any type of environment. Heat, no spark or high pressure you are sure to find the right tube or hose with us. We also deliver different finished components for air pressure like the Extendable Air Pressure Hose Reel.