Overview of who we are


We believe that business needs to be fun , it needs to be flexible yet strong enough to stand the test of time. We are a company of open minded individuals who can help you achieve what is called BUSINESS 2.0 which is business reinvented. We can help you have a better business which is perfectly adapted for the current challenges of the business environment .

In one word business needs to be efficient. But efficient is not enough anymore. Your need it to be “E-ficient”. What does E-ficient mean ? Here is an overview :

  1. Best of Breed IT : we can help you select the perfect IT solution for your needs, ensure you have the smoothest transition and have a professional Project Management in all your IT projects.      Yes, we do it all !
  2. Business Intelligence : we are specialized in implementing Business Intelligence projects which can help unite and integrate your infrastructure no matter what systems you have running in your company so you can see what is happening when it is happening. Yes, we can connect them all !
  3. Control your Business : we can offer you customized surveillance and tracking solutions for any of your needs. It does not matter if you want perimeter surveillance , phone tracking or just desktop monitoring. Yes, we can track them all !
  4. Fuel your Business : any device needs energy, without it nothing can work. Your business is not different. Your energy is money. Yes, we help you get different funds for your business !
  5. Brand your Business : create and defend your brand, make it famous. Yes, we can bring your business to market !
  6. Protect your Business : even the best business can get tangled up in legal issues. Yes, we can give you professional legal assistance !

And yes, we also do business of our own …

We trade in various specialised materials and products. All of them are proffesional lines which add value to your business.

Because for us, you are the most important part of our business !