Professional Lighting


The story of many dramas begins in a dark alley … Not with our LEDs! We deliver a various range of Street- and Outdoor Solutions which brightens up all exterior better than during day times. Personal comfort and security is highly increased if you have a better illuminated night environment. No more dark corners in your life. Just enjoy the night as well as the day.  ( Vampire safe as well … )


LED Pannels

Need that extra punch in your light ? LED Pannels are the answer. Scalable up to 20 KW they can deliver power wherever you might need it. Game on at low consumption for all your night events.

High Bay LED

High Bay LED delivers perfect light in any Warehouse our high leveled building. Cost effective, reliable and with a high degree of control options they are the perfect fit for any Facility.





Lighting Applications

Sport Stadiums, Outdoor, Oversaturated, Building Contrast, RGB or just any type of professional Illumination you might require. We have the experience with almost any type of facility which requires excelent Illumination. And of course we did Airports as well …

Professional Lighting Project Design with Dialux

We do not just provide you with a piece of hardware. We offer you a complete solution which will best fit your need. Dialux professional software allows us to create a project will show you exactly what you will get. We do not just try and see what will happen. We know exactly !